Craft Beer VS Microbrew

beer typesThere are so many terms that you may encounter in appreciating beer. Two of these words would be microbrew and craft beer. What could craft beer mean and why the distinction of crafted beers?

Before the name craft or crafted beers were coined the term microbrew was often in use. Microbrew was the word used to describe beer that was brewed by small and independent breweries. It was the term that pertained to a special brand of beer that one would likely find in a small shop or a local pub. And because of these factors, people built a distinction between mass produced beers and microbrew beers. Everyone considered a microbrew innovative and exciting compared to plain-tasting traditional beers.

However as the world contentedly sipped their microbrew beers with pride, they did not knew that the term microbrew was not actually a term for exotic beers. It was rather a legal term that describes beer makers according to their sizes. A microbrewery that had a limited production rate is actually producing microbrew beers. Furthermore, microbrewery companies are becoming large corporations like the Boston Beer Company.

As the name craft beer began to emerge different brands are also being taken into consideration. Beer drinkers actually find it a privilege to be able to drink finely crafted beers since they know there has been a lot of effort placed in their beers. The Brewers Association has provided the correct definition of craft beer considering that craft beer is “one that is small, independent and traditional.”

And so considering the correct definition of microbrew and craft beer is it now safe to assume that crafted beer is tastier, more flavorful than regular beer? Technically even if the Brewers Association has provided an improved definition of craft beer it still does not mean that this kind of beer is better.

Therefore the taste and flavor of this kind of beer may depend on the drinker. Some may regard craft beer as unique and therefore more exotic while there are also some that are uncomfortable with brewing beers this way and would rather be with comfortable regular beer.

How to Start Homebrewing your Beer

Beer has been a part of the lives of people enjoying the taste of it. Today, grabbing such drink has become more available as one can put up a home kegging system to brew beer. If you are one who fancies home produced products, setting up a kegging system is the best step to take.

Basically, a kegging system is comprised of a keg, CO2 gas tank, pressure regulator and hoses. This is more advanced than what is traditionally used – the barrel system where you have to wait for years in order to have the first taste on your produce. This can be simply set up to start working with the home brewed beer. If you are not technical savvy, you can just take the services of some stores to have it set for you. Several stores offer such supplies. But because shopping has been extended to the online world, you can conveniently avail of such product online.

Kegging system usually costs $200 during the initial set up. This is a starter system that is not that complex, perfect for those who are just starting to brew beer. The price though changes according to where you are to avail of the system. Online shopping for instance would ask you for additional shipping cost.

Sometimes, one might question the need to set up this kegging system. Practically, why would you set up your own brewing system when you can just visit stores to buy your own beer? Primarily, you will be saved from the hassles of spending your time and effort when you would just buy readily available beer in stores. But, what makes this system a lot nicer is the fact that you are sure that the ingredients used are of high quality. Furthermore, if you have the passion in brewing your own beer, it would be a lot more meaningful to have your first taste on it.

These are just some of the basic things that you need to know about setting up your very own kegging system at home. There might be a need to really put your effort in setting up and completing the process but the greater glory comes after you have brewed your very own beer. You can just imagine how fulfilled you are in coming up with your very first product that will truly be memorable as it is made with passion.

Alaskan Beer Review

Beer is the new source of fuel that the Alaskan Brewing Company operates and it is known as the “spent grain”. As their one and only fuel source to their steam boiler from left over from of the brewing process, the company’s oil fuel consumption for operations in brewery house has reduce up to 60 to 70 percent of the expenses and for the record, the Alaskan Brewing Company is the first craft brewery in the world to use this brewing by-product in this way on the way to make a huge commission from jaw dropping expense reduction in brewery industry.

alaskan-beerThe Co-founder, Geoff Larson, explains with his statement, “We have the unique honor of brewing craft beer in this stunning and remote place, But in order to grow as a small business here in Alaska and continue having a positive effect on our community, we have to take special efforts to look beyond the traditional to more innovative ways of brewing. Reducing our energy use makes good business sense, and good sense for this beautiful place where we live and play.”


It began the spent grain energy process in 1995 with the installations of a grain dryer. The equipment dried the wet, protein-rich grain for use as cattle feed, although, due to the absence of farms or ranches in Southeast Alaska, it is use as a supplemental fuel source to heat the dryer itself , thus, reduction of oil required in the process.


In 2008, the company was the first to install the mash filter press that saves energy in brewing process. The mash filter press produces lower moisture content on spent grain that better lends itself to drying and for use as fuel for the grain dryer and the new spent grain boiler system.


In 2012, Alaskan completed the final stage of the process with installation and commissioning of the accustomed spent grain boiler and expects that the new boiler will save more than the half of the fuel needed in grain drying and steam process. Alaskan expects to save nearly 1.5 million gallons of oil over the next ten years.

Rating: A+

Basics of Home Brewing


This is the video I used for my first batch of beer that I ever brewed.  The step by step process shown in the video is stop on.

Beers For The Christmas Season

christmas-beerChristmas is one of the exciting seasons all over the world especially in the US which people exchange gifts, cards, sing Christmas carols and making wishes of people come true by other people. Coming in from the cold feelings to warm greetings, Christmas makes the people to forgive their enemies, to love more of their loved ones and most of all, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and of course, there is food. There are prominent dishes that makes Christmas a warm celebration such as ham, lechon, salad, mechado and caldereta which are meaty and full with fats filling the happy tummies of the Filipinos.

Christmas is not a real Christmas without a merry drinking. Beer is one of the popular drinks in the hearts and mind of people in sickness and in health, also, beer makes the person either forget problems for some time or happy especially with food. There are beers that are good pair with Christmas dinner. San Miguel beer pale pilsen is good before having a meal without worry taking care the head out on the table and is paired with legumes, salads and not so fatty foods. San Miguel’s Red Horse is not so friendly beer for it really kicks you experiencing alcohol, however, it gives you bitter-sweet taste that the person would really crave for it and it is very compatible to the very fatty foods like lechon and ham. These beers are one of the world class that gives happy faces to the Filipinos on and during Christmas season. There are many kinds of beers that is good in Christmas season like the Belgian witbier, Bell’s winter white ale that is really good during winter season. Christmas season is all about happiness and merry making, so, cook your favorite food, get a beer and have fun.