Home Brewing Your Own Beer This Year

By | May 13, 2014

If you love to drink beer then have the idea of brewing your own batch at home ever crossed your mind? Imagine rivaling the most popular micro brews or how about becoming a prestigious crafter in the future when you perfect your beer brewing methods. If you doubt about your skills and knowledge in beer brewing then consider the following reasons why this year is the best year to brew beer:

  1. You will be making the best beer – if you follow directions closely and you are able to use high quality materials then there is no doubt that you will be drinking the best beer. Of course you may not be able to do it right the first few tries but when you dedicate time and effort in brewing beer all of these will be rewarded with the best –tasting beer that you have crafted yourself.
  2. You can brew any type of beer that you want – no one’s going to stop you from brewing any kind of beer so technically you can stock up on a few of the beers that you have grown to love. Imagine brewing Choc Mint Stout which could be one of the best brews anywhere. You can also brew kinds of beers that may not be available during a particular season; hold a party and you will be the talk of the town because of your delicious off-season beer variety.
  3. You will be able to save so much money – by brewing your own batch of beer you will be able to save so much and most of all you do not even have to go as far as the convenience store to buy one! But of course you may be thinking if the materials and equipment worth your money when you brew your own beer? If you plan to brew only a small batch per week or in a monthly basis then you could use materials and equipment that you have at home but if you plant to create large batches of beer then it would be better if you invest in high quality materials and equipment. The start-up costs could be heart-breaking but once you have used these for the third and fourth batches you may already be saving money every time you brew.
  4. You will be able to join the social scene – once you are able to brew your own beer successfully then you would surely be interested in joining beer brewing competitions, meet people that share the same interest and even share your secrets with your friends and family. You will also notice that you will have more friends than usual since everyone would seem to want to check out how you do it.

The New Year is about to take a half turn but this is no reason to give up on your dream of starting your own brewery at home. It may sound challenging but once you get to actually taste your brew you will find that it could be the most satisfying pastimes that you have done.