Craft Beer VS Microbrew

By | April 14, 2014

beer typesThere are so many terms that you may encounter in appreciating beer. Two of these words would be microbrew and craft beer. What could craft beer mean and why the distinction of crafted beers?

Before the name craft or crafted beers were coined the term microbrew was often in use. Microbrew was the word used to describe beer that was brewed by small and independent breweries. It was the term that pertained to a special brand of beer that one would likely find in a small shop or a local pub. And because of these factors, people built a distinction between mass produced beers and microbrew beers. Everyone considered a microbrew innovative and exciting compared to plain-tasting traditional beers.

However as the world contentedly sipped their microbrew beers with pride, they did not knew that the term microbrew was not actually a term for exotic beers. It was rather a legal term that describes beer makers according to their sizes. A microbrewery that had a limited production rate is actually producing microbrew beers. Furthermore, microbrewery companies are becoming large corporations like the Boston Beer Company.

As the name craft beer began to emerge different brands are also being taken into consideration. Beer drinkers actually find it a privilege to be able to drink finely crafted beers since they know there has been a lot of effort placed in their beers. The Brewers Association has provided the correct definition of craft beer considering that craft beer is “one that is small, independent and traditional.”

And so considering the correct definition of microbrew and craft beer is it now safe to assume that crafted beer is tastier, more flavorful than regular beer? Technically even if the Brewers Association has provided an improved definition of craft beer it still does not mean that this kind of beer is better.

Therefore the taste and flavor of this kind of beer may depend on the drinker. Some may regard craft beer as unique and therefore more exotic while there are also some that are uncomfortable with brewing beers this way and would rather be with comfortable regular beer.