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Is There a Karbach Controversy?

The whole of City of Houston was thrown into a shock when it was announced the local karbach brewery being taken over by the beer giant Anheuser Busch. This  decision by the karbach to sell over an already flourishing business to the huge beer corporation was met with much hostility. In fact, it is getting… Read More »

Home Brewing Your Own Beer This Year

If you love to drink beer then have the idea of brewing your own batch at home ever crossed your mind? Imagine rivaling the most popular micro brews or how about becoming a prestigious crafter in the future when you perfect your beer brewing methods. If you doubt about your skills and knowledge in beer… Read More »

Craft Beer VS Microbrew

There are so many terms that you may encounter in appreciating beer. Two of these words would be microbrew and craft beer. What could craft beer mean and why the distinction of crafted beers? Before the name craft or crafted beers were coined the term microbrew was often in use. Microbrew was the word used… Read More »

How to Start Homebrewing your Beer

Beer has been a part of the lives of people enjoying the taste of it. Today, grabbing such drink has become more available as one can put up a home kegging system to brew beer. If you are one who fancies home produced products, setting up a kegging system is the best step to take.… Read More »

Basics of Home Brewing

  This is the video I used for my first batch of beer that I ever brewed.  The step by step process shown in the video is stop on.