Beers For The Christmas Season

By | November 20, 2013

christmas-beerChristmas is one of the exciting seasons all over the world especially in the US which people exchange gifts, cards, sing Christmas carols and making wishes of people come true by other people. Coming in from the cold feelings to warm greetings, Christmas makes the people to forgive their enemies, to love more of their loved ones and most of all, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and of course, there is food. There are prominent dishes that makes Christmas a warm celebration such as ham, lechon, salad, mechado and caldereta which are meaty and full with fats filling the happy tummies of the Filipinos.

Christmas is not a real Christmas without a merry drinking. Beer is one of the popular drinks in the hearts and mind of people in sickness and in health, also, beer makes the person either forget problems for some time or happy especially with food. There are beers that are good pair with Christmas dinner. San Miguel beer pale pilsen is good before having a meal without worry taking care the head out on the table and is paired with legumes, salads and not so fatty foods. San Miguel’s Red Horse is not so friendly beer for it really kicks you experiencing alcohol, however, it gives you bitter-sweet taste that the person would really crave for it and it is very compatible to the very fatty foods like lechon and ham. These beers are one of the world class that gives happy faces to the Filipinos on and during Christmas season. There are many kinds of beers that is good in Christmas season like the Belgian witbier, Bell’s winter white ale that is really good during winter season. Christmas season is all about happiness and merry making, so, cook your favorite food, get a beer and have fun.

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