Alaskan Beer Review

By | December 4, 2013

Beer is the new source of fuel that the Alaskan Brewing Company operates and it is known as the “spent grain”. As their one and only fuel source to their steam boiler from left over from of the brewing process, the company’s oil fuel consumption for operations in brewery house has reduce up to 60 to 70 percent of the expenses and for the record, the Alaskan Brewing Company is the first craft brewery in the world to use this brewing by-product in this way on the way to make a huge commission from jaw dropping expense reduction in brewery industry.

alaskan-beerThe Co-founder, Geoff Larson, explains with his statement, “We have the unique honor of brewing craft beer in this stunning and remote place, But in order to grow as a small business here in Alaska and continue having a positive effect on our community, we have to take special efforts to look beyond the traditional to more innovative ways of brewing. Reducing our energy use makes good business sense, and good sense for this beautiful place where we live and play.”


It began the spent grain energy process in 1995 with the installations of a grain dryer. The equipment dried the wet, protein-rich grain for use as cattle feed, although, due to the absence of farms or ranches in Southeast Alaska, it is use as a supplemental fuel source to heat the dryer itself , thus, reduction of oil required in the process.


In 2008, the company was the first to install the mash filter press that saves energy in brewing process. The mash filter press produces lower moisture content on spent grain that better lends itself to drying and for use as fuel for the grain dryer and the new spent grain boiler system.


In 2012, Alaskan completed the final stage of the process with installation and commissioning of the accustomed spent grain boiler and expects that the new boiler will save more than the half of the fuel needed in grain drying and steam process. Alaskan expects to save nearly 1.5 million gallons of oil over the next ten years.

Rating: A+

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